Our Trade Policy

The easiest way to show us your books is to send us pictures of the spines. Take a clear picture of the spines on the bookshelf or stacked on a table. Email the photographs to duckriverbooks@gmail.com and we will let you know if there are any titles we would like to see in-person. We do not give quotes via email. We must see the full condition of the book before making an offer.

We ask that any books you bring in for trade credit be in very good condition
with no torn or missing pages, little to no writing and from a smoke-free environment.

We do ask that you use all of your trade credit and complete the trade
at the same time you bring us your books.

Trade credit may not be used for online purchases.

We only purchase books in person, not online or over the phone.

Please do not ship any books to us for appraisals or in the hopes that we will purchase them. We will not be responsible for holding them or returning them to you.